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Broadway Port Pavilion

"The Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier is a cruise ship terminal, an event venue, a public gathering space and a scenic viewpoint of San Diego Bay ideally situated on the Embarcadero. This flexible space honors the water through its artistic design and environmentally-friendly features, welcomes residents and visitors to our dynamic waterfront, and promises a vibrant and eco-conscious experience for all. Cruise in or out and back again. Host an event for family, colleagues or friends, have a beautiful bayfront wedding or, just sit back, relax and watch the ships roll in and out against the backdrop of the setting San Diego sun."

- Port of San Diego

1000 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Park & Reservations: (619) 232-7275

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Thank you for considering working with FAS. Please see our event staffing request form below to receive a quote. With decades of experience with the Port of San Diego we're here to help create a successful event for you and your patrons. We can provide your medical plan and station setup at no cost to you as well. Let us know if you have any questions and we hope to work with you soon~

Event Medical Guidelines

From family gatherings to mega events. Please view starting recommendations to provide the basic and safest event experience for you and your patrons. As the Port Pavilion reaches capacity at 3,800, each event size is broken down without the high risk factors. 

Risk Factors include but are not limited to: Event genre, potential drug and alcohol impairment, extreme weather conditions, fireworks, multiple stages, crowd control,..... 

• Risk factors will increase event medical staffing requirements 

< 1,000

Dedicated event staff who are present to respond to medical situations, have means of activating the 911 system and who are trained + certified in administration of CPR, First Aid, and have access to an AED 

> 1,000

First aid station including 1 BLS County Certified + Accredited Provider (ie. EMT, Paramedic) fully equipped with AED, BLS life support equipment and supplies. 

> 2,500

First aid station(s) including a nurse + emergency medical technician (EMT) + Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance(s) on-site.

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