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San Diego is forever growing in population and events. As we pride ourselves in keeping our guest safe at all our contracted events, we also help keep down the need for city wide resources. Our team helps you with your events risk assessment, medical plans and setting up all first aid and medical needs required. 


As you plan your event, we can be right at your side. Assuring proper safety setup, and helping you patrons have the best experience at your event.

We provide Licensed and Insured Professional Staff who understand your event and your patrons.

Our rates are competitive and negotiable. Our company carries $5 million and $5 million in Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance. Certificates of Insurance are available upon request. If your organization requires being named as an additional insured, there is a small fee.


Event planning is our specialty. Logistics is our game. From setup to making sure we have the proper transport on standby. Once we’re at your event we coordinate with your team;

• First Aid Station (s) set up.

• Emergency response

• Pre-hospital care

• Transport if needed

WE PROVIDE: All BLS necessary equipment and supplies including: AED, Oxygen, wheelchairs, dressings, bandages, splints, ice packs, bee sting kits, OTC medications and more….


Each response by our team comes with years of training and reassurance of experience. We are prepared!

• We ensure your patient and staff scene safety

• Provide First Aid and Emergency BLS Care with clean, safe and up to date equipment

• Digital Patient Care Reports are used in our assessments for the best record keeping.

• Coordination with the proper emergency or basic transport

• Coordination with the patient, security and your team!

We are HIPAA Compliant and each incident is completed and thoroughly documented.


Depending on the incident and situation, each patient is either transferred or released with specific post care instructions.

You will receive a report summarizing the number of patients seen and the illness or injury treated.

Patient Treatment Reports can be made available to you with a signed release from the patient.



First Aid Services often collaborates with fleet ready resources to ensure proper staffing for larger events. We currently work hand in hand with AMR (American Medical Response), Mercy, and MaxCare for both BLS and ALS Ambulance support.  Our Registered Nurses assist  both BLS and ALS Ambulance support as needed. First Aid Services is proud to be able to offer local teamwork between first responder companies and your events to help ensure proper staffing and the reliability of necessary resources.



Don't take on all the work on by yourself! Work with our FAS team and let us help you save time, money and headaches planning your special event!

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