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Event Medical Services

Here at FAS we pride ourselves not only in event medical trained professional support but also the support behind the planning. Having over 40 years of experience, means we've been through all the planning changes and have been involved in all the risk assessments for events. We offer fair pricing on all our services, planning guidelines, resources and a team fully prepared to work whatever event you are planning. 


You'll notice that our entire company is covered with our $5million Professional and General Liability. This ensures no matter what shift change or staffing you hire, you'll always be covered with our medical umbrella!

Our staff are under direct medical direction of Dr. Ian Reilly, MD. Our protocols and procedures ensure the proper administrations of medications and treatments for your patrons.

So, How can we help?

Peace of mind with an all inclusive company! 
Contract with our team and we'll do all the coordinating and leg work for all things medical related!

First Responders

Our team is first on scene, from bandaids to cardiac arrest. We staff California + San Diego Licensed:

EMTs • LVNs • Paramedics • Registered Nurses • Athletic Trainers • Physical Therapists • Chiropractors • Emergency Physicians 

Medical Plans

Most events require a medical plan for your permit application. All our clients receive a medical plan upon request for all events we work. This ensures that proper safety precautions are taken, your entire team and patrons know the best way to receive care and of course how to access emergency resources if the need arises. Let us help you with your planning as we do this everyday!

First Aid Stations

A recognizable First Aid Station can be provided by our team at a smaller than regular rental charge. We provide Pop Up canopies sizing from 4'x6' to 10'x20' with table, chairs and signage. We provide equipment such as cots, wheelchairs, stretchers, backboards and gurneys. Depending on the size of your event we can customize each stations supplies as needed.


Event Medical is big on collaboration. We are team players and collaborate as needed with other local agencies. If your event requires an ALS or BLS ambulance, we can help facilitate those requests so you can keep all your event medical needs in one place. We do not upsell the pricing of other agency services and we will include them in all our medical planning. This team effort allows you to focus on your events other tasks as you entrust us with taking care of all things medical. 

Risk Assessment

Our EMS Chief will help you identify the potential risks impacting your event and the local EMS system. We will then help coordinate and list the steps needed to mitigate or reduce those risks. Included with this service is our electronic documentation that includes End of Shift (EOS) reports for your records that list all medical contacts from bandaids to patient transports. This will help you for future events and helps us follow trends locally.


When signing up for FAS services, your account is setup in a user friendly portal. This portal is the perfect solution for all your medical documentation. We will send you a proposal, invoice and contract all accesible online and integrated with our Dubsado/DocuSign program. You'll see instantly our COI, w2 and any additional forms you'd like us to upload. Our team also tracks electronically each patron contact we make on a log sheets, patient care reports for the treated and end of shift reports for each day of your event. 

Event Medical Explained by Services

When planning your event you will see the recommendations below. We've broken each area down with explanation and suggestions on when appropriate. Please note that with the nature of events being very affluent, these guidelines are the basic start and we'd love to meet with you to discuss what would be the best services for your specific event.

FAS First Aid Station: standard setup include but are not limited to:

  • Pop Up

  • Table/Chairs

  • Signage

  • 1 EMT suggested below 2500 in attendance (see event guidelines for staffing requirements)

  • 1 EMT required above 2500 in attendance (see event guidelines for staffing requirements)

  • AED

  • BLS Airway Management Bag 

  • Over the counter medications bag with first aid supplies. (full list of supplies available with proposal)

  • Ice Cooler

  • Wheelchair

Additionally Available:

  • Cots or Medical Beds

  • Gurney

  • Extra Wheelchairs

  • Backboards/Stretchers

  • Medical Carts

No event is too big or too small in attendance. 

Keep your patrons and staff safe by providing at minimum first aid and BLS level skilled professionals on site.

Please check with your venue as each venue has their own guidelines and requirements.

Suggested Basic Station with minimum 1 EMT:

  • Concert/Music Festivals/Block Party/Street Fair: less than 2,500 in venue attendance

  • Athletic/Sporting Event: less than 2,500 in venue attendance

  • Parades: less than 2,500 in attendance without festival/stationary setup

  • Conference/Convention: over 15,000 in venue attendance​ + additional resources

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