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Panoramic view on a sunny day of children playing, people relaxing and cooling off in foun

Waterfront Park

Historic landscape and landmark with amenities for multiple style events and leisure activities.  

• Splash Fountains •  Civic Green • Garden Rooms • Children Play Zones 

"The Waterfront Park’s diverse spaces can accommodate public and private special events of various sizes, festivals, farmers markets, and active or relaxed family recreation. It’s also an ideal venue for a bayside wedding in downtown San Diego."

1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101
Park & Reservations: (619) 232-7275


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From family gatherings, weddings, corporate events to live music festivals and mega events. First Aid Services provide staffing to help keep your patrons safe! Get started with the links below to cover your event medical.



Are you ready to plan your event and get event medical staffing quotes? Fill out the request form below for a FREE quote. We provide FREE Medical Plans with our services! 

Event Medical Guidelines

From family gatherings to mega events. Please view starting recommendations to provide the basic and safest event experience for you and your patrons. As Waterfront reaches capacity at 16,500, each event size is broken down without the high risk factors. 

Risk Factors include but are not limited to: Event genre, potential drug and alcohol impairment, extreme weather conditions, fireworks, multiple stages, crowd control,..... 

• Risk factors will increase event medical staffing requirements 

< 1,000

Dedicated event staff who are present to respond to medical situations, have means of activating the 911 system and who are trained + certified in administration of CPR, First Aid, and have access to an AED 

> 1,000

First aid station including 1 BLS County Certified + Accredited Provider (ie. EMT, Paramedic) fully equipped with AED, BLS life support equipment and supplies. 

> 2,500

First aid station(s) including a nurse + emergency medical technician (EMT) + Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance(s) on-site.


First aid station(s) including a nurse(s) + EMT(s) with BLS Ambulance(s) + Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance(s) onsite


Events with significantly higher numbers of guests and/or participants will require additional BLS providers, nurses, and ALS (advanced life support) services. 

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